Product Overview

Here is a list of our Cops products. Find the Cops product you need either from the locking method or the encryption type below.

Physical locking: Protection is locked to a physical media, often the same media on which the product is distributed. This technology doesn't need internet access.

Web locking: Protection is locked to the user's computer or network server via a license key that is validated over the internet.

Physical locking:
Web locking:

Encryption: The above protections ensure that your protected program files are encrypted. In addition vital data files must often be encrypted to give the best protection. For this we have various data encryption products, covering PDF, html or multiple file types:

Data encryption:  Cops Crypto, PDF‑Cops, HtmlCops, CAD‑Cops

Our Guide should help you to find the right product. If none of our products suits your needs, then ask about a Custom Solution.

For audio and video for consumer players, please see Watermark.


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